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Maharashtrian Style Coin/ Putali Necklace

Maharashtrian Style Coin/ Putali Necklace

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Since the 17th century, the Putli Haar holds a special place in Maharashtrian jewellery. Putli Haar is a necklace with gold coins that has engraved Lakshmi motifs and is woven together in a silk braided Patwa cord.

The Putli har / mala is a very special unique design of Necklace choker jewellery with coin type putli’s of Lakshmi are woven n decorated with golden jari . This typically a Maharashtrian ethnic Necklace especially used in all kinds’ occasions like marriages poojas, festivals all domestic functions and many more...!.

This Putli har is made up of brass with gold plated In Maharashtra the typical traditional necklace which also is called " Putli mala" which was a brilliant master piece of jewellary introduced a before the time of Shivaji. History tells us that Raja Shivaji Gifted Long multi stands Putli mala to the Tuljabhavani Devi. Still this necklace found in Marathi ladies in villages.

This necklace has adjustable thread. For any changes please WhatsApp.

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