Our Story


In 1980, a couple, highly skilled at handcrafting jewellery, migrated to Pune to make some living. Narayan Peth, an ideal market place, was well known to nestle several jewellery stores from times of Peshwas since 1700 AD. Ratikant and Pushpa Jangam worked as “Patwekari” - one skilled at thread work in Jewellery- at different Jewellery stores. At age of 8, Madhuri, started helping her parents and developed the art of creating pearl and semiprecious necklaces. Thus was born the seed of Zivar Creations at that early age.

While still in college, Madhuri started participating in jewellery exhibitions in Pune. After completing her post graduation in commerce, she started her first Jewellery boutique in Aundh, Pune in 2005. After Marriage, she completed courses in Jewelry Design at International Gemological Institute where she acquired depth in her skills of Jewelry designing. She thought of introducing her designs and artwork in Jewelry to the world through her online store  - “Zivar Creations”.


Zivar Creations is a humble attempt to introduce the legacy and tradition of handcrafted jewellery to the world. The section “Handcrafted” exhibits the artwork of handwoven Jewellery by Madhuri. We handcraft your jewellery; beauty is to be found within, we, through this art, make it glitter beyond.

Jewelry Design Manual