Our Story


In 1980, a talented couple in the art of handcrafted jewelry embarked on a journey to Pune, India, seeking livelihood opportunities. Choosing Narayan Peth, a renowned marketplace nestled with jewelry stores since the Peshwa era, Ratikant and Pushpa Jangam became skilled "Patwekari" or threadwork artisans at various jewelry establishments. Their daughter, Madhuri, began assisting them at the age of 8, honing her skills in creating pearl and semiprecious necklaces, sowing the initial seed of Zivar Creations.

During her college years, Madhuri actively participated in jewelry exhibitions in Pune. After completing her post-graduation in commerce, she established her first jewelry boutique in Aundh, Pune, in 2005. Post-marriage, Madhuri further honed her jewelry design skills through courses at the International Gemological Institute, preparing herself to introduce her unique designs to the world through her online store - "Zivar Creations."

Zivar Creations stands as a modest endeavor to share India's legacy and tradition of handcrafted jewelry with the global community. The shop proudly showcases the collaborative artwork of Madhuri and her father, Ratikant Jangam, specializing in handwoven jewelry. Each piece is meticulously crafted to reveal its inner beauty, and through this artistry, Zivar Creations adds a touch of brilliance to every creation.Jewelry Design Manual