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Gold Tone Coral Beads Lakshmi Coin Mangalsutra Pendant

Gold Tone Coral Beads Lakshmi Coin Mangalsutra Pendant

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Pendant made in brass has 22k gold plating. Customer can match this pendant with different type of chains. The cost is given for pendant only. Customer need to buy chain separately. Here I have attached one chain option with pendant just for an idea.

Few more pendant option is available please check.

The Lakshmi coin pendant is typical South Indian magalsutra pendant. This pendant look nice with short and long length chains too. I have attached the link for mangalsutra chains option.

The Mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewellry that a woman wears, but it is considered to be one of the most important ‘Soubagyalankar’ (Soubhagya = marital status as married; alankar = ornament); an ornament that tells the world that the wearer of this ornament is a married woman
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