My own version of ‘Thushi’

Working with Dad is super fun and the design super unique, I believe he is total genius. I wanted to always develop unique designs and thread work that is combination of art and tradition and I could think of no better design than the one from my backyard, Maharashtrian Thushi. Here are our own versions of Maharashtrian Thushi.
Beads studded Thushi
Black thread are woven through the beads or pearls; the tricky part of work and the most tedious part of work, was to cross weave the threads through the beads to hold them together in sort of a binding. And once done, the piece looks beautiful. I can use pearl, silver beads and gold polished beads for this design.
Small beads Thushi
I couldn’t find a better name, though, this took me lot of time to get it spot on. If you observe the strokes of thread are intertwined to give firm hold and rounded look as if to resemble red thread beads, alternatively passing it through gold polished netted beads. I can recreate this in any coloured thread of your choice. Also observe the adjustable thread “Gonda” to form another intertwined Hair Style pattern to give a good finish. 

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