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Let’s start over

When lockdown began the same time around last year due to pandemic, my work came to a screeching halt, shutting down all that we built over last 3 years. I was completely disparaged and depressed, totally getting absorbed in daily chores of life. I’m sure many lives had been turned to just survive somehow through the pandemic. My husband consoled me – “Why are you so overwhelmed by this temporary wave. This will also change and when it does, you have to muster the remnant of your faculties and then channelize it wholeheartedly and purposefully. Save your grief for that effort of starting over again”.

Yeah, pretty wise words but at that time pandemic seemed so eternal breaking all notions of a “temporary wave”. But now I see the fickleness of my mind, the ever changing nature of this ruthless life squeezing out the best of us, making us so hopeless.

Finally, old wise words from my dad woke me up –

“Why fret over so much, look at my street side shop? It’s closed overnight in my 60’s, yet I wait to reopen it again. Show a little patience, have courage. Be brave.”

“Yes Dad. We are not done yet. Let’s start over”.

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