Creating “Jomale”, Coorg Bride’s Wedding Jewellery

‘Jomale’, a unique traditional Coorg bride’s wedding jewellery, consists of grooved beads strung on a black thread cord. Typically its length is 71 cms, double line and beads are filled with translucent material called ‘lac'.
  Single Jomale, Coorg Bride's wedding jewelry
Lot of my friends from southern region and now my clients had been asking me to recreate this design. I had to search every market that I know of to buy these grooved beads. Finally, I was able to do that and get it polished with high quality gold matte polish. 
It is the fourth time that I finally got the thread work spot on and was able to reasonably create this piece. It was really a great fun and I loved to learn this new art. Showcasing the first of my tryst with designing and creating ‘Jomale’. Appraise, scold, criticise and suggest if this look good or I need to improve upon the design.

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