We, at Zivar Creations, always strive to give best of our designs that are unique and handcrafted for you. We thought of formulating our vision statement so that we always strive to do our business with values that form the basis of our vision.

First class service in a first class way:

You would always remember Zivar Creations when you get an excellent service from us. Hence, by all means, we pledge to provide first class service to you in a first class way. To help us improve in our service to you, we request you please provide a product review whenever you get one delivered from us. Also, you help your fellow shoppers at Zivar Creations who read your reviews and shop accordingly.

High quality designs at reasonable price:

You will find many designs on the site are handcrafted and exclusively designed by Madhuri. We always strive to come up with unique, traditional, handcrafted designs. Our mission statement is to always come up with high quality designs and at reasonable price. Although this is pro profit organisation, yet we value our customers and hence we pledge to keep the prices reasonable at all times.

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